AGM Papers

The following documents for the AGM on the 16 February 2019 are below in order as follows:

  • Agenda
  • Minutes of the last AGM

   For the Secretary, Treasurer and President's Reports go to page tab "AGM Papers continued"




To be held at St. Johns Hall in the Alverne Room on Saturday 16 February 2019

Registration and signing in at 1.30pm and AGM to start promptly at 2.00 pm.


  1. Welcome and opening of meeting and signing in. (and recorded in the minutes) To announce the loss of our life member John Shrimpton BSc., ACSM., MSc.,FGS.,MBE. A stalwart member, lifetime supporter, former curator and Council Member

  2. Brief Health & Safety Statement by Beatrice Kerno

  3. Apologies received to be read out by the Secretary and received verbally from the floor.

  4. Receipt of the Minutes of the last AGM 2018

  5. Matters Arising not on the Agenda - None notified. Target time 2.30 pm

2019 New Business

  1. Secretary’s Report including to note Programme of events proposed for first quarter of 2019 and other items. Target time 3.00 pm

  2. Treasurer’s Report Annual Accounts 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018. President to propose a vote of thanks to Beatrice Kerno

  3. Brief Update statement by Treasurer – Assets held in January 2019

  4. President’s Report

  5. Election of Officers as recommended by the President and the Council. Target time 3.30pm

  6. Council recommendation that the next AGM is held on Saturday 15th February 2020

  7. Any Urgent Matters recommended by the Council – a) Co-option to Council. b) Fire Station c) Transaction - Fossils.

  8. Closure of the AGM Target time 4pm

Coffee & Teas whilst preparations are made to hear our ……………..

  1. AGM Annual Address

SUBSIDENCE WITHIN THE GUNNISLAKE MINING AREA” The collapses of 1992, investigation, remedial works and lessons learnt

By Dr John Grimes BSc.,MSc.,PhD.,CEng.,FICE.,FGS.,IMaPS.

 15. Target 5.50pm departure from St John’s Hall and departure to the Town and Queen’s Hotel, Promenade, Penzance for our Annual Dinner 6.00 pm for 6.30 pm


Minutes of the Last AGM held on 17 February 2018

  1. President’s Welcome. Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and requested to sign the attendance register.

Members present: Neil Plummer, BA Kerno, Roger Holmes, Clare Page, Adrian Spalding, David Freeman, Melissa Hardie, Frances Wall, David Holt, Chris Page, Marian Smith, Sid Geake, Keith Plummer, Frank Howie, June Markham, Colin Bristow.

From 2.45 pm - Nick Farrell,

From 3.00 pm - Jim Eggleton

From 3.50 pm - Loveday Jenkin

Plus Caradoc Peters, Tamsin Page.


  1. Brief Health & Safety Statement from Beatrice Kerno

  2. Apologies were read out and listed as follows: - John Shrimpton, Chris & Caroline Bean, V Stone, Rosemary Stone, Horace Stone, Miriam Stone, Marion ?, Karen Harrowing, Jacky Caklais, Charles Smith, Lesley Allen.

     Members stood in memory of John Elliot and Keith Atkinson

    John Elliot was a great help to the Society during the difficult years and without him things might have turned out very differently. He was a quiet man, but very strong              willed and fought for us like no other.

    John was a dedicated Life Member. He was very involved (along with David Freeman), in the production of the complex Index of the Subjects and Authors of the RGSC          from our published Transactions from 1814 to 2015. He was very pleased that our publishing continued, and he helped in the setting up of our new Library, which is soon to      be opened in the Old Fire station

    Keith Atkinson was President of the RGSC in 1996 and in 1998 he was awarded the William Bolitho Gold Medal for Services to Geology. He was a Council Member until       2002. He was a softly spoken gentleman in all respects and was always ready to give help. There is an obituary by the CSM, mentioning the setting up of a Scholarship in his      memory. Keith’s wife, Maureen Atkinson, has now joined the Society, aware of the importance of keeping the membership numbers up.

  1. Receipt of the Minutes of the last AGM 2017 (already circulated) Proposed by the President and Seconded by J. N. Plummer. These were unanimously accepted.

  2. Matters Arising

  • Morrab Community Project Melissa Hardie raised the need to forge links between the RGSC and the Morrab Community Project (which involves Cornwall Council, the Penzance Town Council, Hypatia Trust and Morrab Library). She pointed out that a Management Team needed to be built and invited one or two members of the RGSC. Frank Howie and Tamsin Page were proposed as well as J. N. Plummer and Adrian Spalding. This was unanimously agreed.

  • Joint Archive/Museum meeting at Tremough. Francis Wall of CSM, invited RGSC members to a Museum meeting on 19th March 2018. Roger Holmes, Frank Howie and Council Members will attend.

  • Proposed Transaction Colin Bristow mentioned that Joseph Collins published a review of Fossils of Cornwall at the turn of the century. The suggestion to publish Mark Becket’s Fossils of Cornwall as a RGSC Transaction was Proposed by Roger Holmes and Seconded by Frank Howie. It was agreed unanimously. The Referees will be Chris Page and Robin Shale. After much discussion, it was agreed that, in addition to the paper copy, (usual format) the Transaction would also be in PDF format. Members would receive copies as part of their Membership with further copies to be on sale at agreed outlets. The idea of gaining sponsorship was discussed. David Freeman commented that this new Transaction, on The Fossils of Cornwall, will be a good milestone in the history of the RGSC, having the longest continuous publication of Transactions in the world.


  1. Secretary’s Report

     Allet Meetings and Field Trips and Outside Visits held during 2017 were detailed.

    Allet Meetings proposed for the first three months of 2018

February. Marine Life on the Manacles Reef 10 years of seasearch surveys and marine photography, showing the richness of fauna and flora of the Cornish Continental Shelf and its importance to sustainable fishing in Cornwall. Matt Slater is the Marine Awareness Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

March. “A Touch of Froth” Flotation, Metal Recovery and the Importance of Stable Bubbles by Dr Katherine Hadler PhD. MEng. Lecturer at Imperial College, London and part time Senior Metallurgist at Grinding Solutions Ltd. Cornwall,

April. Cornish Lithium – A New Metal from an Old Mining Area & the Metal of the Future. Jeremy Wrathall, Founder and Director of the Cornish Lithium Company will speak on the potential opportunities of the Cornish resources of this metal for European and World Markets.

Field Visits planned for 2018

  • Crustal Stretching at Porthleven then to Jangye-ryn to view folding.

  • Penlee Quarry

  • Meet at Pralla, (Porthallow) walk coastal path to view Men Aver Conglomerates from Central Europe.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  2. Treasurer’s Update

  3. President’s Report

The President gave an address which updated the years activities and gave thanks to all who helped in every capacity.

Discussion was encouraged on the ‘Scientific Aims of the Society’ and finding ways to encourage young people.

  1. Election of Officers

As recommended by the Council and proposed by the President (en bloc)

Secretary: J N Plummer

Treasurer: B A Kerno

Council of 4 members: Carodoc Peters, Adrian Spalding, Loveday Jenkin, June Markham.

This was seconded from the floor and agreed.

  1. Council recommendation that the next AGM is Saturday 16 February 2019

Members agreed this date.

  1. Any urgent matters recommended by the Council


  1. Closure of the AGM

  2. Presidential Address by Dr Chris Page BSc.,PhD.,F.L.S.

Does our geosphere need its green mantle? Some past, present and future perspectives.

  1. Target Departure of 5.50 pm from St John’s Hall was achieved and departure to the Town and Queen’s Hotel, Promenade, Penzance for our Annual Dinner.