AGM Papers Continued

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  • Secretary's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Treasurer's Update
  • President's Report

Secretary’s Report (to be given at AGM 2019)

       Allet Meetings during 2018

      Wed 21st February. Marine Life on the Manacles Reef 10 years of sea search surveys and marine photography, showing the richness of fauna and flora of the Cornish Continental Shelf. Matt Slater is the Marine Awareness Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust and showed underwater film of the Reef, explaining its importance to sustainable fishing in Cornwall.

Wed 21st March. “A Touch of Froth” Flotation, Metal Recovery and the Importance of Stable Bubbles by Dr Katherine Hadler PhD. MEng. Lecturer at Imperial College, London and part time Senior Metallurgist at Grinding Solutions Ltd. Cornwall.

Wed 18th April. Cornish Lithium – A New Metal from an Old Mining Area & the Metal of the Future. Jeremy Wrathall, (Founder and Director of the Cornish Lithium Company, a graduate in Mining Engineering at CSM with 30 years’ experience in the Mining Finance Industry globally) was unable to present the lecture, due to a Conference commitment. It was given in his absence by Lucy Crane, Senior Geologist at the Cornish Lithium Company, speaking on the potential opportunities of the Cornish resources of this metal for European and World Markets.

Wed 20th June. Mineral Analysis at CSM – The What, The How and the Why! Dr Gavin Rollinson, Experimental Officer and Facility Manager (Chemical Imaging and Mineralogy Facility, CSM).

Wed 18th July. An invitation by Dr Gavin Rollinson for members to visit CSM Penryn Campus to view the Museum, learn about current research and to see the mineral analysis facilities.

Wed 15th August. A talk by Mark M Becket B. Eng. Assoc. CSM, showing a short preview of his lifetime study and love of Cornish Fossils and Fossil Localities

Wed 19th September. Icelandic Volcanism, a talk by Dr Kate-Taylor Smith B.Sc (Hons)., Ph.D. Project Manager CSM

Wed 17th October. A Member’s Evening which was both social and informative, where members were invited to bring specimens, photographs and papers for discussion, sharing information about their items and learning from the broad range of knowledge within the Society.

Wed 21st November. Near Surface Geophysics in West Cornwall. A talk given by Neill Wood. B.Sc., (Eng) Hons. V.R., A.R.S.M., F.H.E.A., Programme director for M.Sc. Surveying and Land/Environmental Management CSM and Executive Director of GeoDefinition Ltd (a geophysical site investigation company.)

Field Trips and Outside Meetings during 2018

Mon 19th March. Meeting at CSM (Tremough) at the invitation of Francis Wall, with RGSC, CSM, RIC. to discuss combining scientific bodies in Cornwall with a view to finding a joint venue for the storage of archives.

Sun 10th June. Visit to Jangy Ryn, Gunwalloe, to view the rocks and structural geology including folding.

Wed 22nd August. Another visit to see the progress at Rosevale Mine. Always a popular visit, Tony Bennett has a never-ending supply of anecdotes and information about the mine’s past and about mining in general.

Sat 22nd September. Visit to Penlee Quarry guided by Cornishman Barry Ninnis, using his great knowledge of the quarry and also previous experience and “way of life” as a Smallholder and Geevor miner.


Co-operation between members created a publicity poster for the RGSC which was distributed at the Man Engine appearances at Heartlands and Geevor. Special thanks are due to Linda Beskeen, for ensuring that the flyers also got to the school children at the Junior Mining Games.

RGSC Collection Catalogues

David Freeman intended to retrieve the Catalogues of the RGSC Collection, housed in Nottingham, but ill health prevented him making the trip.


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Total Expenses




Total Income


RGSC Finances are represented by our Current Account.

The opening statement No 294

April 2017 - £25,611.70

The closing statement No 308

March 2018 - £25,454.60

Treasurer's Update

Brief financial update of assets held in our Current Account at start of 2019

(statement No. 319) is £26,685.40




AGM Following our traditional format, we held our AGM in Penzance in March, followed by the annual dinner. The new premises provide us with a now very smart venue in which we can hold our AGM meetings in conditions of relative luxury in Penzance, and all are to be thanked for the recurrent opportunity we now have to do this. The meeting was well-attended, as was the dinner afterwards. I want to thank all who attended, and for the array of very useful and quite positive questions which were asked. I had the honour of following the formal part of the AGM by giving a talk which I asked “Does the earth need its green mantle ?”. I enjoyed ‘letting my hair down’ in preparing this presentation, with the outcome. Being “yes, it does”. I hope I provide a sufficient array of slides and evidence to support this assertion.

THE YEAR’S LECTURES We are fortunate to have had a very varied series of lectures this year. I want to express my gratitude to all the speakers, and also to the Society Secretary, Neil Plummer, who has shouldered the burden of the organisation of the lecture programme. Our policy with lectures is to keep them as varied as possible in subject focus (reflecting the broad geo-related interests and often expertise of members of this Society), and to include ones both focussing on Cornwall, as well as ones looking wider-afield to other locations, so that we are not just inward-looking, but also outward-looking, in the compass of our presentations. Judging by member attendance numbers, this overall policy seems to strike a popular balance. Within this too, I want to thank our spectrum of lecturers, for the quality as well as diversity and sometimes considerable novelty of their contributions. As well as thanking Neil Plummer, may I also please than Beatrice Kerno for her strength and support as Treasurer.

AN APOLOGY AND THANK YOU. As a busy researcher and lecturer myself, I want to record an apology for my own absence at some of the meetings, and my thanks to Neil Plummer for standing-in for me when I have not been around. This is because my own work takes me frequently afield, including myself particularly often being asked to give lectures elsewhere. So please be assured, I am far from slacking, and usually when I am not around, it is because I am representing Cornwall elsewhere. (Unfortunately, in my recent travels elsewhere in Europe, the trip ended in my being bitten by a venomous foreign snake, and I was additionally out-of-action for several weeks as a result).

A RECURENT QUESTION Of the AGM questions asked, which is probably worthy to report, because it has been asked before, is why does the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall hold its meeting in the west of the County of Cornwall, with its AGM in Penzance. The short answer is that we are following long-established tradition, especially in focussing especially on Penzance, which has always been the headquarters of our activity. I can, however, understand the feelings of others who may live further away, in a County as long as Cornwall. But this is also where most of the Cornish populus live, with Cornwall’s five main towns plus one a city: St. Austell, Truro, Redruth, Camborne, Helston and Penzance, all located in the west of the County. This also reflects that this is the general location of much of Cornwall’s heritage, especially related to past industry and mining, which is appropriate for a Geological Society (as well as a School of Mines at University of Exeter at Tremough) to continue to actively reflect, and today project forwards. There is also an advantage in having meetings at locations which are also accessible from further away easily by train. I reflected also in answer also to the fact that these are bridges that I have also crossed before. For, in a pervious incarnation (before I retired) based in Edinburgh, we also had calls from across Scotland about why we held our main biological and geological meetings always in Edinburgh. So, as scientists, in a moment of experimental enthusiasm, one year we tried holding various meetings away from base. Result, to most, few came, with the exception of several, to which no-one came. So although there were voices for regionalisation, in practise, it did not work. So my view has been coloured since, in all of these enterprises: this is “stick with what you already know works”, until there is evidence to suggest otherwise.


YEAR-ENDING CIRCUMSTANCES After what has been a remarkably successful year for the RGSC, in which I feel, thanks to all concerned, that we have gone from strength-to-strength, the year has ended in most unfortunate news on several fronts, almost at the same time. Circumstances have conspired that no less than three members of the RGSC Committee have met with unforseen circumstances, which may deplete the committee of half of its members. These include David Freeman, a very long-serving member and former Curator of the Society, and the Secretary, Neil Plummer, a former President and since long-serving Secretary. I offer both my thanks and good wishes to each of these most respected members for successful recovery. I will hope to update you on circumstances at the time of the AGM, but meanwhile may I please ask for your thoughts and support to these colleagues, who have long been amongst the most hard-working of members of this Society.


ONWARD THOUGHTS Bearing in-mind the above circumstances, it is clear to us all than none of us is getting any younger. I want to close by echoing my earlier plea (at the AGM), that my ambition with this Society is, not just to keep in going, but also to ensure it is in safe hands for the future. This means not only that we need new people to join the team, but that we particularly need YOUNGER people to join us, who may become tomorrow’s crew. If you feel you may be interested in joining the team, please do not hesitate to contact me – I shall welcome your input. Or, I shall hope to see you at the AGM.

Thank you to all for all your membership support