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Volume I: 1814-1818

London: Printed and sold by William Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street, 1818. Inscribed to The Prince Regent, Duke of Cornwall, Patron of the Society.

Preface and List of the Members, Anon, I: v-xviii

On a Recent Formation of Sandstone, occurring in various parts of the Northern Coast of Cornwall, J A Paris, I: 1-19, 1818.

An Account of some Granite Veins at Porth Just, near Cape Cornwall, J Davy, I: 20-26, 1818.

Notes on the Coast, West of Penzance, & on the Structure of the Scilly Islands, A J Majendie, I: 27-31, 1818.

A Sketch of the Geology of the Lizard District, A J Majendie, I: 32-37, 1818.

Hints on the Geology of Cornwall, Sir H Davy, [Communicated by letter to Henry Boase], I: 38-50, 1818.

Observations on a remarkable change which Metallic Tin undergoes, under peculiar circumstances, & on its partial conversion into a Muriate of Tin, Rev W Gregor, (Written September 1816, noted further Feb 1817) I: 51-59.

Observations on the Process for making the different Preparations of Arsenic, which are practiced in Saxony, & on those for preparing Smalt or Cobalt, as pursued in Bohemia, J H Vivian, [Communicated by letter to J A Paris]. I: 60-70, 1818.

A sketch of the Plan of the Mining Academies of Freyberg & Schemnitz, J H Vivian, I: 71-77, 1818.

On the Accidents which occur in the Mines of Cornwall, in the consequence of the premature Explosion of Gunpowder in blasting Rocks & the Methods to be adopted for preventing it, by the introduction of a Safety Bar, & an instrument termed the Shifting Cartridge, J A Paris, I: 78-96, 1818.

On Elvan Courses, J Carne, I: 97-106, 1818.

Notes on the Limestone Rocks in the Parish of Veryan, S J Trist, With an Appendix, Rev J Rogers, I: 107-113, 1818.

On the Discovery of Silver in the Mines of Cornwall, J Carne, I: 118-126, 1818.

On Submarine Mines, J Hawkins, I: 127-142, 1818.

On some Remarkable Phenomena attending the Lodes of Polgooth Tin Mine, J Hawkins, I: 143-153, 1818.

Remarks on the Salt Mines of Wielitska in Poland & of Salzburg in Germany, J H Vivian, [communicated by letter to J A Paris] I: 154-167, 1818.

Observations on the Geological Structure of Cornwall, with a view to trace its connexion with, & influence upon its Agricultural Oeconomy, and to establish a rational system of Improvement by the scientific application of Mineral Manure, J A Paris, I: 168-200, 1818.

On a Process of refining Tin, J Hawkins, I: 201-211, 1818.

On the introduction of the Steam Engine to the Peruvian Mines, H Boase, [Read September 1817 at the Anniversary Meeting] I: 212-223, 1818. [The experiences of Trevithick, Uville, Trevarthen of Crowan, Henry Vivian of Camborne and William Bull of Chasewater (sic) from 1814-1817 to Lima]

Miscellaneous Notices of Facts, connected with the Mineralogical, Geological and Economical History of the County of Cornwall (12): I: 224-241:

I. On Kupfer-Nickel, W Gregor, I: 224-225, 1818.

II. On a Cavern in Dolcoath Mine, J Rule, I: 225, 1818.

III. On Stalactites, A Majendie, I: 226, 1818.

IV. Gregorite (Menacchanite) discovered at Lanarth, J A Paris, I: 226, 1818.

V. On the formation of a Substance resembling Gneiss, taken from a Steam Boiler at Huel Alfred, J A Paris, I: 227-229, 1818.

VI. A new substance, found accompanying "Welsh Culm", J A Paris, I: 229-231, 1818.

VII. On stones & clays annually exported from Cornwall, for the purposes of Architecture, Manufactures, & the Arts, J A Paris, I: 231-234, 1818.

VIII. Observations on Gold found in the Tin Stream Works of Cornwall, Sir C Hawkins, [Communicated by letter to J A Paris]. I: 235-236, 1818.

IX. Vegetable Remains in the Basin at Porthleven, J Rogers, [Communicated by letter to J A Paris]. I: 236-237, 1818.

X. Contributions towards a knowledge of the Geological History of Wood Tin, A Majendie, I: 237-239, 1818.

XI. Notice Relative to the Formation of Swimming Stone, J Carne, I: 239-240, 1818.

XII. Notice on Elvan Courses (A correction), J Carne, I: 241, 1818.

Queries proposed to Captains of Mines, & other persons connected with the practical part of Mining, J Hawkins, I: 242-246, 1818.

Queries respecting Lodes, J Hawkins, lst and 2nd series, I: 246-249, 1818.

An account of Tin Raised in Cornwall in the years 1815-1817, I: 250-251, 1818.

An account of the Produce of all the Copper Mines in Cornwall, in Ore, Copper & Money for the year 1815-1817, I: 252-261, 1818.

Quantity of Copper produced in Great Britain & Ireland in the Years 1815-1817, I: 262-263, 1818.

A List of donations to the Library, to the collection of maps, plans, sections and models, and to the cabinet of minerals, with the names of the donors, I: 264-273, 1818

Index, I: 275-284.

Plates: in Volume I: 1) Wherry Mine, Mount’s Bay, Cornwall (facing Title); 2) A Geological Map of the Lizard District (p36); 3) Safety Instruments (p96) 4) Map of the Parish of Veryan, with Section of the Limestone of Veryan (p112); (5) Ground Plan of the Lodes in Polgooth Tin Mine (p152). Draughtsman: James Tonkin.

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