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Penzance: Printed and Published by T Vigurs, 1832

Errata for the current volume relating both to text and plates.

Some general observations on the Structure and Composition of the Cornish Peninsula, J Hawkins [Read October, 1828], IV: 1-20.

Some Observations on Metalliferous Veins, and their Electro-magnetic Properties, Robert W Fox, [Read October 1830], IV: 21-28.

A Description of Happy-Union Tin Stream Work at Pentuan, John W Colenso, [Read October, 1829], IV: 29-39, Illustrated with colour plate fold out.

Some observations made in Cornwall, in the Summer of 1829, J Hawkins, [Read October, 1829], IV: 40-46.

A Description of the Stream-Work at Drift Moor, near Penzance, J Carne, [Read October, 1830], IV: 47-56.

On some of the Deposits of Stream Tin-Ore in Cornwall, with remarks on the Theory of that Formation, W J Henwood, [Read in 1828 & 1829], IV: 57-69.

On the state of our Tin Mines at different periods until the commencement of the Eighteenth Century, J Hawkins, [Read October, 1830], IV: 70-94.

An Account of the Discovery of some Varieties of Tin-Ore in a Vein, which have been considered peculiar to Streams, with remarks on Diluvial Tin in general, J Carne, [Read October, 1830], IV: 95-112.

On the use of Iron among the early Nations of Europe, T Hingston, MD [Read October, 1829], IV: 113-134.

On a very singular Deposit of Alluvial Matter on St Agnes Beacon, & on the Granitical Rock which occurs in the same formation, J Hawkins, [Read October, 1830], IV: 135-144.

On the Manipulations to which the Ores of Tin & Copper are subjected in the central Mining District of Cornwall, W J Henwood [Read October, 1828], IV: 145-165.

Contributions towards a knowledge of the Geology of Cornwall, H S Boase, [Read October, 1830 & 1831], IV: 166-474. Book-length study in five chapters of the Geology of Cornwall relating to the large Map facing the title page of this Vol IV, and including fold-out plates.


Some account of the Soft Growan at Beam Mine in the Parish of Roche and at Carclaze Mine, in the Parish of St Austle [sic], J Hawkins, [Read October, 1830], IV: 475-480.

Notice of Wood & Peat found below high water mark on the beach at Maenporth in Cornwall, the Rev J Rogers, IV: 481-483.

Notice of Pseudomorphous Crystals of Oxide of Tin found in Head Coates Mine, in St Agnes in the year 1828, Stephen Davy, IV: 484-485.

Notice of some Records having reference to the commencement of Copper Mining in Cornwall & Devon, George S Borlase, IV: 486-489.

Notice of the Work performed by the Steam-Engines in the mines of Cornwall [1827-1831], IV: 490.

Notice of the Quantity of Tin raised in Cornwall & Devon [in the years 1827 - 1831], IV: 491.

An Account of the Produce of the Copper Mines of Cornwall in Ore, Copper, & Money, in the years ending 30th June 1828-1832, IV: 492-496.

Quantity of copper produced in Great Britain & Ireland, in the years ending 30th June 1828-1832, IV: 497.

Purchasers of the Copper-ores of Great Britain & Ireland in the years 1828-1832, IV: 497.

Index, IV: 499-504

Plates in Volume IV:

1. A Geological Map of Cornwall, colour plate, lg format, folding map, by Henry S Boase (facing Title).

2. Section of Pentewan Stream Work, coloured plate, fold-out at p29.

3. Sections, – four-fold coloured (Fig 1-4) Plate III (relating to Boase’s survey).

4. Sections, - four-fold coloured (Fig 1-4) Plate IV (relating to Boase’s survey).

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