Annual Subscriptions - Message to Members 1st April was the time for our membership subscriptions. This is a reminder to check your standing order for your RGSC membership will go to the new Co-op bank account on 1st April. If you have already changed it, thank you, otherwise please follow this guidance. If you have internet banking, use a banking app or telephone banking this is what you need to do: Log in to your banking system  Find your existing RGSC membership regular payment/ standing order. If you can change it, choose that option, otherwise you will need to cancel it and set up a new regular payment/ standing order. The bank details you will need are: Account name: Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.  Account type: Business.  Sort code: 08-92-99.  Account number:   67294781.   Your banking system should recognise this is a valid account, and you can then set up your membership payment amount. If you bank in a branch, please complete a new standing order form using the details above (you may need to do this in your local branch, or there is a form on you can download on the "Become a Member of the RGSC" tab ). You may also need to ask your bank to cancel your existing standing order to the old HSBC account.  Thanks very much.


14 March 2024 - Message from RGSC President Frances Wall: Proposal for the inclusion of the Cornwall Geoconservation Group (CGG) as a committee within the RGSC .  For more information click on Link